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tv   Headline News  RT  November 26, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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while the world powers celebrate a nuclear deal with iran israel's prime minister remains unconvinced data sticking to its combative line. this agreement has made the world much more dangerous place . famine at any hour now plans to stand a delegation to washington to discuss the accord. ukraine's new turned on europe trigger street violence with which asterisk furious at the hold of trade talks while jailed former prime minister due to a shadow goes a hunger strike in support of closer ties with the e.u. . and by and by britain's scotland is set to release a white paper on why it will be better off without the u.k. preparing the ground for next year's in the panel's referendum.
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coming to live from moscow with mean. world powers are celebrating the breaks for a nuclear agreement with iran it was president obama praising the diplomatic solution and saying tough talk doesn't guarantee security but his israeli counterpart prime minister a bit of a netanyahu took a harsher stance saying by taking pressure off iran the deal left and laughing all the way to the bank are supposed to reports from tel aviv israel's leaders on lining up to them best the iran's nuclear deal taking a cue from the command this first step. could very well be the last of the country's foreign minister vols the world is now closer to a nuclear arms race while the economic chief warns
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a nuclear suitcase could detonate a new york or madrid five years from now this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. but that world is hating the deal with iran as historic it will make our partners in the region safer it will make our ally israel safer while television threatening to isolate itself even further so the euro is not bob by this move. if we take the point. and yet for all the frustration there is one more hope for israeli politicians to use the next six months before a final deal is drafted to their advantage i suspect they're going to be continuously saying that iran is not keeping its commitment i'm sure they're going to be in close touch with. united states friends than anybody or any of the countries continuously pressing israel's demands for what should be in
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that final agreement but with the pressure on israel it's the only country in the middle east that has not and does not intend to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty if you want to avoid. nuclear weapon for we have to be part of the over a nuclear free zone with very simple even iran's president hassan rouhani has called on israel to join the clique positioning himself as a major peacekeeper in the attempt to denuclearize the region never threaten nuclear weapons. iran. the old. if a nuclear free middle east initiative was able to work it's estimated israel would need to get rid of anywhere between seventy five and four hundred nuclear warheads israel is not going to agree even to talk about the uranium bomb in the context of data nuclearization that's the last thing that israel wants to have in the equation
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. and for a country that is never officially admitted to business in nuclear arms getting her to destroy them might be the most difficult deal the world has yet to secure policy r t tel aviv. prime minister netanyahu says he will send a team to the u.s. to discuss the nuclear agreement in more detail meantime he has tough position on the long awaited deal sparked a wave of media criticism at israel commentators suggested his harsh words were prompted by a sense of personal failure and accuse him of behaving oddly in the international arena the liberal haaretz newspaper questioned his diplomacy calling it in your face bellyaching israeli national security expert on alterman says netanyahu has ways of handling the issue are far from popular at home. an increasing number of analysts and commentators who have come out and said this deal is something israel could live with and even if it's not perfect it's not something that we would have opted for ourselves that it's something that's not as bad as our prime minister has
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described so there's definitely a spectrum of opinion here on this issue as there is in every issue what we do know is in the week or two leading up to the agreement there was a poll taken about what people felt the prime minister's rhetoric towards the united states and a plurality supported him and only a very small percentage of the public thought that he was fully and justified but that may be different after the agreements come to come into being will have to see . that every margin has something to say about israel stance and breaking the set. for listening to these rhetoric and six months iran will have its nukes looked and loaded look these are saying largely hurt iran's ordinary citizens not the country's political elite over the last year and a half the number of iranian families living in poverty has risen from twenty two to forty percent while the price of food and medicine has skyrocketed so is it really that horrible but less iranians will suffer for the next six months.
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protests continue across ukraine with anger spilling into the streets after kenya projected in the socio greenman to the e.u. earlier mass rallies erupted into clashes with both police and protesters firing tear gas and pepper spray at each other are just like has the latest from the ukrainian capital. the protests are continuing the stayed overnight despite it's getting very very cold in the ukrainian capital we're certain expecting the protests to continue right now the both the squares where the protests are taking place are not so crowded but last night was so how after working hours finished thousands came here and it wasn't a very peaceful protest one minor incident one minor broke ation led to clashes with the police to gas was used that was then in which we just away from it and the crowd was in fact very very angry until the police left it was still very tense we also expect the protests from the government building and the people here seeming time and to stay until the end of the week and to see whether there's any hope that
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the euro's a station in the free trade zone agreement with the would be union would be signed and we also know that the their leader the needle the musician of the jailed former prime minister huge machine called has declared an unconditional hunger strike the support of the signing of this deal on monday ukrainian foreign minister mr karzai has said that ukraine was not ready to sign this association agreement before that to the prime minister also i was very critical of the national monetary fund which said he would not provide a stabilization loan for the country he said i was out of said that the constant need to hand-outs like these when it means practically destroying the country's economy the reasons for not signing this deal are too serious a possible when i say should not be put in fact response to one hundred billion dollars which the country cannot afford a possible solution on this nice gentle smiling self in the streets all this contributes to the decision by the government not to sign the deal it would have to wait and see until friday this week until the summit in vilnius to see whether
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ukraine will actually refused to sign the free trade agreement with the european union. now the e.u. has accused moscow of blackmailing ukraine out of signing a deal the european commission and the european council stressed of the offer for king of remains open however experts say the e.u. won't be able to support ukraine if it concludes an agreement with the union. the opinion really using tin of a good financial situation ukraine needs to have a competitive economy but if it is into agreement with you you. would make the economy less competitive it would mean less economic growth it would mean higher unemployment so any money would be to offset the damage that you would actually do to ukraine if there was an agreement though of course you doesn't have any money to be lending out because it has its own severe big boise's. we are closely following
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the events unfolding in ukraine here and there is more on our website for all the photos and videos from the scene had to r.t. dot com. fighting between government troops and militia in libya's eastern city of benghazi has left fourteen dead gunfire and explosions were heard in the area with authorities ordering residents to stay indoors freelance journalist caring about dodgy reports from tripoli for r.t. . this is what he did all of that i know it's you know people were killed and more than fifty wounded in a recent clash between islamic militant. military says a report by the interior ministry tripoli is witnessing security problems to over forty people were killed and more than two hundred injured at a rally last week in tripoli as protesters clashed with the militia as a simpson trial of a number of government buildings the gunmen gave into the demands of the libyan afford to use unless strictly but if he is truly down arms reports of natives of
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the city of misrata say were among the first to seek to remove the gaddafi regime in general the security situation in libya remains unstable libya's deputy intelligence chief new stuff on a new os recently kidnapped outside to police international airport. has been struggling to control armed groups that took part in the overthrow of the country's former leader colonel gadhafi and according to some reports there is up to seven hundred of them now active in libya always different goals leaders also facing an uncontrolled flow of arms estimates say there are around four hundred weapons depos across the state while only twenty of them belong to the government meanwhile about three thousand and to aircraft missiles that have the potential to bring down civilian airliners have gone missing from pan african newswire says continued outside interference is causing only more problems for the country. the government is totally incapable of reining in these militias they're not going to disarm
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there's been a problem associated with bringing together the various militia groups but many of them motivated by sectional interests by criminal activity and we've seen the fruits of this over the last two weeks and then of course there's the international aspect as well other forces that are coming in from outside of libya also participating in the internal political struggles that are going on in libya itself and then of course we still have the ongoing role of the united states and these other western states who are continually interfering and the internal affairs of libya and now the united states is talking about training some five to seven thousand libyans to be a part of this new national army and this of course could cause even more consternation inside the country because many of these militia groups even though they were against gadhafi they still do not support the u.s. or nato interfering in the internal affairs of libya at this stage. and our website
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we're asking where you think levy is headed in light of the recent arrests so far almost half of you believe that the country is on a path to civil war well i around thirty three percent say libya will become a safe haven for terror groups affiliated with al qaida fourteen percent and at this point think western countries will intervene to help believing government get a hold of the country and only six percent say the ongoing turmoil is a natural phase on their way to democracy so do let us know what do you think of this issue by logging on terror and have your say they're. still to come on the program tightening the screws and another human rights activist in bahrain is put behind bars as part of the government's efforts to stifle the sand coming out we talk to his wife which tells r.t. how her husband added up in prison. the scottish government is set to release a six hundred seventy page white paper laying out his blueprint for independence
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coming ahead of next year's referendum opponents have questioned the move saying it will force codd's into a risky choice scottish deputy first minister says the document answers all the questions about scotland's plans for the future. this will be the most comprehensive blueprint for the independence of a country ever published running to six hundred seventy pages it will save the social economic and democratic but independence it will damage the financial strains that we have as a country it was said to. come. from the referendum next year to independence in march twenty sixth. the go it alone vote is set to take place next september when a simple yes no vote will decide the fate of the centuries long union of with england but london has opposed the idea out with warnings almost on everything
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scotland wants to keep the pound in a currency union with the u.k. an idea dismissed by westminster taxes and dad novo camp suggest there will be deeper and higher taxes even membership london says scotland can forget about it a try at a nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges on mobile phones if the split happens the no campaign has been dubbed project fear by the yes camp who accuse the u.k. government of baseless scaremongering lead if a member of the scottish parliament says independence will simply lead the scottish people decide which path their country takes most of my life scotland has not had the governments that it has voted for and you don't think independence will bring will be that people will vote for the representatives the government will be schooled and that suppose making choices and positive choices and defining the
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future of us is base for scotland and the people who live and work can school and fairly straight forward as far as i'm concerned. now the release of the blueprint for the panelists will take place in glasgow in about an hour from now and we'll have a live report of a break with our correspondents optimist that here on our team. now they are two man from very different walks of life but the pope and lot of reporters have more in common than you might think coming up we reported their first meeting and how they've been brought together by shared concern over the humanitarian disaster in syria. secret lover tour tim curry was able to build the most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about
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humans and. this is why you should care only. this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motions your. party there's a big. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics.
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welcome back this is our bahrain authorities have once again climbed down to santa resting a prominent activist and chairman of the european bahraini organization for human rights for inciting hatred against the really marquis we talked to saint john's wife and she told us her husband was just another link in the dismal chain of rulers for to gag those speaking out he was defamed. could offer should newspaper if he went to the police station to file a case against that it's a different nation but he got arrested for inciting hatred against what it's against in bahrain wristing human rights activists or defenders and behind is not something new with bahrain very these are the things to address the human rights activists a day off or another as if you were. not on on this scene and in bahrain many human rights defenders are even either in exile or they are booked and or are
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present or sentence for a several years. also told us about the case of another bahraini pro-democracy activist neville wran job who was arrested last year over his twitter based campaign criticizing the ruling regime. because that is a very obvious of our training of human rights they don't want anyone to step forward and talk about what people are suffering or to i want you to our nation they want everyone to fly in and accept what could cause the behavior reteam isn't forcing it to cure it's the option on the political option and they are stopping duals who are seeking people or making people aware of their rights or speak about them. now our team has lined up plenty of stories for you on our website including
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a brand new study revealing there was water on mars billions of years ago so how do our data com and find out what kept the ancient red planet a warm enough to let reverse flow there and even a form martian valleys. plus after conquering open space the sochi olympic torch has reached the depths of lake by cause part of its ambitious relay an hour in motion section there's a spectacular video for you of the olympic icon at the bottom of the world's deepest leg. right on the sea. first really you and i were being featured. on our reporters were very. inspiring.
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to be in the. now russian and papal flags flew together over the vatican when the pontiff welcomed present lot of reporting on monday their first ever meeting was brought about in a large part due to their views on the crisis in syria the audience where the pope is part of a russian president's official visit to italy are going to office following the trip. there is pope francis on one hand a figure with enormous spiritual influence over one point two billion catholics across the world and president putin on the other a heavyweight politician also one of the most influential people on the globe he may not be on the scene team but the you have much more in common than some may think for instance syria both have been standing firmly against any military intervention. even wrote a letter to the russian president personally thanking him for his efforts to help prevent military action why do west both moscow and the vatican have also been
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paying a lot of attention to the rights of the christians in syria so we are on the same page when it comes to lots of issues but what's interesting is the way italian media has been reporting on this it is it's it's not even nations between the vatican and moscow nor the conflict in syria which we're in the focus of their attention to what's really defeat of alleged friends and the former prime minister over at least a good little scorning risk really facing a string of convictions including abuse of power and having sex with an underage prostitute and the local media was and still is a boiling with speculation over whether or not mr berlusconi will be able to avoid punishments and the latest girl in that sense was that the russian president was going to make mr berlusconi russia's ambassador to the vatican automatically granting him diplomatic immunity which in real life never of course happened to him the end of the meeting the president with the pope but it did show him out of
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attention being focused on a budget which is just vision and now the russian president's left rome to the studio accompanied by eleven ministers where they are now meeting with the head of the italian government. now to go to some other stories from around the world a series of bombings in and around baghdad has left at least twenty seven people dead and dozens wounded in attacks including the blast in a crowded marketplace which claimed sixteen lives and the assassination of a full. lawmaker france has offered to help curb the rising bloodshed in iraq by providing weapons training and intelligence to security forces over seven thousand five hundred people have been killed in two thousand and thirteen making it one of the deadliest years since the u.s. led invasion. thousands of anti-government protesters have the seed several more government buildings in bangkok at a show a day of demonstrations the thai foreign minister has announced emergency powers to deal with the unrest asked the testers broke. off by the foreign ministry some even
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appeared to be settling down for the night or testing crowds also gave officials having to remain a street and want to made him want to leave within one hour they're calling on the pm and the government to resign over bill would grant amnesty to politicians both past and present. supporters avi opposition presidential candidate endures some are castro have marched through the capital to stake their claim to victory in this weekend's elections the protest was led by the candidate husband former president manuel zelaya urged activists to take to the streets to press their claim official returns from the country's election tribunals currently put pressure around five for sand behind our poll and from the ruling national party declared themselves winners of the election on sunday. american intelligence has installed malicious software on over fifty thousand computers networks worldwide fresh leaks from
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whistleblower edward snowden reveal the n.s.a. declined to comment on the allegations while the government said it added disclosure of classified data is a threat as investigative reporter david lindorff explains the n.s.a. hackers far reaching operations have nothing to do with national security. if they're actually able to plant these devices inside the servers that's a whole new level of. invasiveness and it's not just on the computers you know it's right in the servers that the computers work through as none of this is catching terrorists or even stopping terrorists this is really about something else the terrorism is an excuse for having this massive slowing. and while the white house once add word snowden back in the country and behind bars advertisements on buses in washington d.c. are thanking the whistleblower the campaign praises the n.s.a. leaker and urges the public to stand against america's sweeping surveillance
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operation it's already received wide coverage in the u.s. and international media and those behind it are promising further exposure. i have for you max as they see take a swing at the global economic headlines in the guise of reports say this.
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deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred towns and cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty five. killing. in a record setting trip. air. space. a little big torch relay. on r t v dot com. is one thing that i still come to understand that i don't want to good mood but i have this one question with. everything. that you give them all no. way but what for.
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it was a way to inform he tried to restrain himself but look first out anyway. it really puts me off that i have such a father. who's one small but very great secret that i have to live with for the. welcome to the kaiser report i max kaiser w.t.f. in the u.k. is r.b.s. thought of as an amazin than robbs are still warm corpses meanwhile the p five plus
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one talks of result of iran being forbidden from trading at oh i l for g o l d. and in the p.r.c. the ass has hit the f. for the dollar on the s. h. e. and the b o c a stone a whole bunch of. you at the u.s. treasuries so many more s.t.a. see wise to see max we're going to cover all those in our headlines today first r.b.s. kills off good firms for profit world bank of scotland you know the taxpayer owned bank is killing off small businesses to seize assets for its own property empire according to evidence referred to financial watchdogs by vince cable the business secretary in particular this this unit of royal bank of scotland called global restructuring group g r g basically drove small and medium enterprises into bankruptcy into administration in order for r.b.s.
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is units called west register their property division to seize their property at knock down prices yeah really i mean we've been talking about what's been going on here in the u.k. for a while and area r.b.s. which just out government owned banks so it's the government for example we've got a couple here eddie and cheryl warren in portsmouth they have been subjected to treasonous activity by their own government because the government owns r.b.s. and here's the smoking gun is the sunday times point out that when this couple bought the soton portsmouth a condition of the loan was that they had to take out an interest rate swap and as we've covered on this show before this is a weapon of mass financial destruction interest rate swaps blow up in your face like an improvised explosive roadside advice in afghanistan if interest rates go down and interest rates are guaranteed to go down because the bank of england brings in quantitative easing or mark carney brings in.


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